There are different options below for completing the State FFA Degree and Proficiency Applications this year. MOST APPLICATIONS ARE DUE ON MARCH 16th & 27th or April 1 We will use a new revised state degree application that can be viewed on ffa.org or the AET.  The advantage is for the following year when you apply for the American degree you can add another year of records and hopefully meet those next degree requirements.  Here are choices for completing an application.

#1  You can find these applications when logged into ffa.org under application center and search applications. Then select add new.    By applying for the Degree and Proficiency Awards in this format you can make your application one that can be evaluated online for national level competition.


#2 If your chapter is using AET you can transfer your current records in AET to the reporting section for Degree Applications or Proficiency Applications.

National Star Chapter Application